OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) News

Expansion of the diagnostic approaches are now available with the new modalities of the Spectralis. The MultiColor modality image is composed of three selective color laser images Infrared, green and blue reflectance. MultiColor allows high-resolution retinal imaging with a 30 Learn more

Tribute to “Women’s Month” in Kifissia

Successfully was held on Monday 28/02 the award ceremony of eighteen women, which was organized by the mpd and womanmpdclub, in the Cultural Center Hall of Kifissia. The eighteen women were awarded for their volunteer work and action, promoting the Learn more

Children Department – Orthoptical Department

In October 2010 the Orthoptist Ms Giolein Maes Mpoti has joined the acclaimed team of Attiko Ophthalmological Children Department, with extensive experience at Boston and Miami Children’s Hospital. Learn more

Latest generation of a retinal imaging system at Attiko Ophthalmological center.

Since September 2010 the latest retinal imaging system is used at Attiko Ophthalmological center for the examination of patients with retina disorders. Learn more